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pear channel-discover
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pear remote-list -c phpdoc
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pear install phpdoc/package_name
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pear install phpdoc/package_name-1.0.0
pear install phpdoc/package_name-beta
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phpDocumentor - PHP 5.3 compatible API Documentation generator aimed at projects of all sizes and Continuous Integration

phpDocumentor is a Documentation Generation Application (DGA) for use with PHP applications. It is capable of transforming the comments in your source code into a full API reference document. phpDocumentor is build to be PHP 5.3 compatible, fast, having a low memory consumption and easily integratable into Continuous Integration.

Install commandpear install phpdoc/phpDocumentor
MaintainersMike van Riel (as lead), Chuck Burgess (as lead)
Releases2.9.0 (stable), 2.8.5 (stable), 2.8.2 (stable), 2.8.1 (stable), 2.8.0 (stable), 2.7.0 (stable), 2.6.1 (stable), 2.6.0 (stable), 2.5.0 (stable), 2.4.0 (stable), 2.3.1 (stable), 2.3.0 (stable), 2.2.0 (stable), 2.1.0 (stable), 2.0.1 (stable), 2.0.0 (stable), 2.0.0b7 (beta), 2.0.0b6 (beta), 2.0.0b5 (beta), 2.0.0b4 (beta), 2.0.0b3 (beta), 2.0.0b2 (beta), 2.0.0b1 (beta), 2.0.0a12 (alpha), 2.0.0a11 (alpha), 2.0.0a10 (alpha), 2.0.0a9 (alpha), 2.0.0a8 (alpha), 2.0.0a7 (alpha), 2.0.0a6 (alpha), 2.0.0a5 (alpha), 2.0.0a4 (alpha), 2.0.0a3 (alpha), 2.0.0a2 (alpha), 2.0.0a1 (alpha)

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